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With US FSMA in place are you ready with your food safety?
As part of continual improvement it is recommended that a top-level HACCP (HARPC) program review be undertaken.

Seafood, as the first food category targeted by the USFDA for food safety using HACCP is now, after 20 years operational, the model going forward.

Patrick Wood, who, from 1993-1995 and with US liasion, was involved with the development of what became the template for the 12 point HACCP Plan and went on to support and promote the roll out of HACCP across the Ecuadorian shrimp industry prior to HACCP becoming US National Law in 1997 has, through his Spanish Company, engaged Charles Woodhouse as counsel.

HACCP programs, with their 10 areas outlined below, are being implemented widely now that HACCP Plans incorporating the HACCP Principals have become food standard.

Product specification development
Product safety analysis
Purchasing requirements
Good Manufacturing Practices - HACCP/HARPC system implementation.
Physical systems hazard control – individual plant schematics and CCP's.
Recall system – traceability & transparency
Contract manufacturing - due diligence on QA program upstream 
Facility Auditing reviews - 1st, 2nd and 3rd party.
Customer/client complaints - procedure & adoptions
Incident reporting. External & internal.