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Food Quality Assurance Compliance Professionals
Managed by iRaishrimp S.L. with access to wide pool of Qualified Persons.

iRaishrimp S.L. - Consulting services for food industry Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance built upon decades of specific industry experience. While our primary focus within the food industry is seafood, this sector is an important lead in the wider food industry and it is vital that our client's Regulatory Compliance requirements are built into any Quality Assurance strategy.

To this end iRaishrimp S.L. has chosen to undertake an approach that includes the collaboration of a leading food scientist and regulatory compliance legal professional as part of the team for designated assignments.

Charles F. Woodhouse, Esq., an Attorney with MS Food Safety, noted author and international expert on Food Safety and Food Law, serves as Counsel to iRaishrimp S.L. and provides his expertise on Food Regulatory Compliance issues to iRaishrimp’s team at QARCFood. Charles F. Woodhouse was President and founding shareholder of Marine Harvest International (MHI on AMEX). The first pure aquaculture seafood play on the US stockmarket. 

In specific situations, and at client request, Attorney Woodhouse can provide legal compliance advice to iRaishrimp S.L. clients regarding the regulatory status of specific quality assurance, labeling and product formulation issues. Attorney Woodhouse works on Food Law Compliance Issues and on Food Technology Matters that are beyond the professional expertise of a lawyer who is not also a credentialed Food Scientist.

Attorney Woodhouse provides guidance to iRaishrimp S.L. for compliance issues in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union and is proficient in Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

Please find Attorney Woodhouse’s bio and details of his publications, teaching, research, and editorial work for leading food industry journals at