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Vitalise  your  morning      Vitaliza  tus  mañanas
Charge  your  midday      Carga  tu  mediodía
Stimulate  your  evening      Estimula  tu  atardecer
Focus  your  night      Enfoca  tu  noche

Aspirations include bringing back the luxury shrimp taste that been lost to increasingly intensive processing over the past 25 years by offering a clean deck* freshly prepared shrimp from select sources. This will take some time.

Recuperar el sabor del camarón de lujo que se perdió con el procesamiento cada vez más intensivo en los últimos 25 años al ofrecer una cubierta limpia * camarones recién preparados de fuentes selectas. Esta va a tomar su tiempo.

We can hear echoes of why farmed? Located in Spain all we seem to see are wild fished offerings and unless shrimp is from an MSC certified sustainable fishery then we cannot condone the exploitation going on in our limited peaked ocean resources and farmed shrimp is the better long term sustainable offering.   

Promise to tell the prawn, the whole prawn and nothing but the prawn.

(no added chemicals, additives or processing aids used)
*  (sin productos químicos o aditivos añadidos)